Legalities, Return Policy, Our Guarantee, Deposits & Storage

Kawartha Marine is the ONLY boat wreckers that guarantee’s their parts. We guarantee that the parts will work when installed. We offer a 14 day return policy.    As these are used parts, we do our best to ensure that the parts are in working order however, it is not always possible to guarantee 100%.  We also have no control over installation by others.  . We test most parts prior to the sale however  some that are sold are still in the boats and removed by the customers or staff and go out untested but we still honour our 7 day guarantee.

We are not responsible for any costs or damages caused by the use of any boat parts purchased from Kawartha Marine Boat Wrecking & Recycling or costs associated with the return of nonworking parts or installation fees.  We do not ship and are not responsible for any costs related to shipping under any circumstance.

We try to assist customers that request shipping by allowing them to arrange their own shipping.  However we are do not ship.  Any orders that require shipping must be over $200.

It is up to the purchaser to investigate that the parts purchased are a match for their boat. Please check with your own mechanic if you are unsure.

No warranty on electrical parts. No warranty on trailers.

We Offer Exchange Only or Credit Note Only


At times we require a deposit before we start work on your order or in order to hold your purchase until you arrive.  If you have not picked up your product within 45 days of leaving it here, your deposit will be forfeit and the product available again for sale.

If you have fully purchased a product from us the same rules apply unless specific other arrangements have been agreed to.

Deposit return requests  – a 20% restocking fee applies to all refund requests.

Storage and Abandoned Boats

If you bring your boat to us for service and do not return to pick up your boat within two weeks upon notification of completion of the work, you will be subject to additional storage fees at a rate of of $1 per foot per week.

Unless otherwise arranged in writing, your boat will be considered abandoned if storage has not been paid and if the boat has been left for 6 months or more.

Legal Responsibility

Enter at your own risk.  We are not responsible for any injury or loss incurred when you enter our yard.