Our Environmental Initiatives

1.  We have ensured that we are meeting all Ontario Zoning and Business laws. We do not work out of farmers fields or back yards.  We are on an environmentally zoned property ensuring we are looking after the earth.

2.  Nothing is left behind! When we strip the boats for recycling, every screw, nut, bolt etc is picked up and recycled as well. We want to ensure that we are not contaminating the earth in any form.

3. Anything that is contaminated with oil or gas is disposed of by a third party company that specializes in dealing with contaminated waste.

4. To date we have saved over 500 whole boats from going to the landfill.

5. We are also fully insured.

6. We recycled approximately 70% of each boat and don’t leave them sitting in a field for years upon years.  We actively strip them and prep them for recycling.

7.The 30% of materials remaining, do presently go to landfill but the footprint is minimalized.

8. We are working with several academic institutions to  come up with ways of using the material instead of letting it sit in farmers fields and communities around Ontario.

9. We purchased our own equipment to ensure quality of grinding and processing the boats.

10. We have a large selection of used boat parts for sale.

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