Fibreglass Recycling – A reality

November 28, 2012

Here is an updates to our fibreglass recycling program.  We have purchased the machinery required to grind the material into useable sizes and have spoken with several companies interested in trials using our material.  We are in the trial stage at this time to ensure we get the right grinds available and to ensure the equipment meets our needs.  We may need to purchase additional equipment but we do have a good foundation for becoming the first fibreglass recycler in Canada.

We have just crushed the first 135 boats that are ready to grind.  We have collected an additional 50 boats for parts since.

We have uploaded pictures to our facebook page at so you can see our progress.

We started Kawartha Boat Wrecking and Recycling with the concept of keeping old boats out of the landfill.

Its not just boats either!  We recycle ALL fibreglass products!  We will accept any fibreglass for this program.

These are just a small sampling of the boats being saved from landfill

These two bags contain, whats left of 4 boats using our process. This material is then used in various ways to ensure it stays out of our landfills.

After several years of studies and testing, we are now able to offer, 100% recycling from our boats by using innovative technologies.  We are the only fibreglass recycler in Canada and the only boat wreckers able to offer this service.

It is our goal to keep 100% of boats from the landfill and in keeping this in mind, we are working with government and academia to develop means of recycling ALL materials from boats including vinyls and carpet materials.  It is our goal to keep 100% of your boat out of landfill.

We support this program, by selling used boats, boat parts, motors, trailers etc.

Please call us for more details about our program at 705-559-4191.

16 responses to “Fibreglass Recycling – A reality

  1. Your website says that you will pick up old boats but when I called your number the female told me that you do not. Could you please comment?

  2. Hi there!
    Please contact me about your fibreglass recycling program. I am very interested in this! How much of ‘other fibreglass product’ would you be willing to accept?

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